Buy CBD Oil Online Affiliate Program

Join our CBD AFFILIATE PROGRAM & earn commission on every sale.

Want to earn a little extra cash? Or how about a lot of extra cash!?  Join our Affiliate Program today and earn a commission on every sale you help generate.  No glass ceiling, unlimited earning potential!

Buy CBD Oil Online is a leading provider of hemp supplements in the United States and abroad.  We supply our customers the highest quality and most sought after CBD products available to consumers.

Become an Affiliate today and start earning a 20% commission on every sale.  Monthly bonuses and exclusive rewards are available to Affiliates.

Why become an Affiliate of Buy CBD Oil Online?

  1. Your network of friends and family will have a wide range of safe and effective, organically grown, full spectrum (and THC Free) hemp supplement products.  These products are incredibly high quality which means recommending them is a breeze.
  2. Our Customer Service is AWESOME! You don’t have to worry about anything after you make a sale.  Our Team will answer all of your customers questions and make sure their experience with Buy CBD Oil Online is nothing but exceptional.  We will make sure all of your customers orders are processed timely and you get your commission check.
  3. You will receive monthly emails with tips & tricks on becoming a successful affiliate marketer.  And, you will have access to the most up to date digital information that is easy to share with your  network. When they watch, click and buy….you earn commissions...every time.

Our Most Common FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

1What is the Buy CBD Oil Online Affiliate Program?
Our affiliate program rewards you financially for directing new customers to our CBD website, When you refer a new customer to us and they purchase a product, we pay you a commission on the sale.
2How do I join the Affiliate Program?
It is super easy to join!  Simply click here, follow the instructions and start earning money today
3How do I get my customers to your website to buy products?
You can get customers to our website by placing links, banners, product reviews, or any other content on the web.  We can provide you content to place or you can create your own (as long as it aligns with our company policy).  You can post links, comments, videos, testimonials and more on forums, group pages, chat rooms and other places found online.  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Linkedin and Quora are some platforms to post on. Each time a customer comes to us from your efforts and that customer makes a purchase, your earn a commission.
4When do I get paid my commissions?
You will get a commission check once a month delivered to you via PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo.  At the end of each month, we will calculate your commission totals and pay you that amount around the 15th day of the following month.  It takes about two weeks for us to process commission checks. If you needed payment sooner, just call us and we can make arrangements.
5Where do I find the banners, links, photos, etc to put on my website or social pages?
After you have been accepted into our affiliate program you will receive an email with login and password information so you can access all of your digital assets.  You can download the assets or copy the HTML code so that you can paste into your website.
6How much will I make working as an affiliate?
Well, that is entirely up to you!  The more you recommend and promote Buy CBD Oil Online, the more opportunity you have to earn commissions.  Your standard commission is 20%. We can talk to you about new ways to maximize earning potential, just ask us!
7Can I work as an affiliate outside of the United States?
Yes, you can work to promote sales in countries outside of the United States as long as it is legal to ship products into those countries. 
8Can I promote Buy CBD Oil Online on more than just one website?
100% Yes!  The more websites the better.  The more content and links you get placed on websites and social media pages, the more qualified visitors are likely to visit and this will translate into more sales and more commissions for you.
9How do I know if my website will qualify for your affiliate program?
Most websites and social pages are eligible for our affiliate program.  But, we do reserve the right to refuse and revoke membership to any website at any time if we determine that the content on that website does not align with our company’s vision or moral values.
10What if I don’t have a website to promote Buy CBD Oil Online?
That’s ok, you can still promote on most social media platforms, email, text and by recommending to your friends and family.
11Where should I place my affiliate links?
The best spots to put affiliate links are where your visitors can easily find them on your home page.  Your navigation bar, social media posts, blog posts and other high-traffic areas are good great for links and banners.  The easier it is to click, the more likely your visitors will make a purchase.
12Can I put affiliate links on a “Discount” or “Bargain” website?
Check with us before you do anything on a discounted website.  We can only offer certain products to be sold on discounted websites.  And commissions for products sold on discounted websites are less than the standard 20%.
13Is there a cost to becoming an affiliate?
Nope! Our affiliate program is absolutely free to join and there are never any costs or fees.
14How do I get a hold of someone to discuss the Buy CBD Oil Online Affiliate Program?
You can call us at 1-844-9BUYCBD or you can email us at and we will get back in touch with you right away. 

*Commissions will be paid at a rate of 20% of the product sales price.  Commissions will not be paid on any added shipping fees or other fees that the customer might pay for.  Commissions will only be paid on CBD product sales.

**Bonuses can be earned if an affiliate sells $10,000 in a calendar month.  $100 will be added to the affiliates commission check the following month. If an affiliate sells $20,000 in a given month, that affiliate will earn a $500 bonus the following month.


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