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  • Best Life Hemp CBDA Tincture 1500mg Lab TestedBest Life Hemp CBDA Tincture 1500mg Lab Tested 2

    Best Life Hemp™ 1500MG CBDA Oil


    Our CBDA tincture is formulated to 50mg of CBDA per a mL.  CBDA is being studied by several universities in the US and abroad due to this cannabinoids anti-viral properties. Several researches believe that CBDA may help prevent viruses like Covid-19.

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  • Best Life Hemp CBDA IsolateCBDA ISOLATE POWDER



    Cannabidiol acid, known as CBDA, is considered a “minor” cannabinoid even though it is technically not a cannabinoid, but a compound found in the early life of cannabis and hemp plants. The potential of CBDA is being discovered by scientist worldwide. It is the precursor to CBD and can be found in the leaves and buds of certain cannabis strains. Research on this compound shows great potential in the areas of breast cancer, inflammatory conditions, seizures, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, and anxiety and depression.

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