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  • Mary’s Elite Gel Pen


    Mary’s patented transdermal gel pen is a great resource for immediate relief and a wonderful accompaniment to the transdermal patch. Each pen contains 50 (2mg) doses of gel enriched with activated hemp extract. Apply it to the wrist, ankle or any other veinous area of the skin.

  • Mary’s Elite Patch

    Rated 4.25 out of 5
    $10.00 $6.50

    Mary’s award-winning discreet transdermal patch contains 10mg of activated hemp extract and simply adheres to any veinous area of the skin for 8-12 hours of systemic relief.

  • Zuri Patch 75mg


    75mg ZuRI Patch
     Provides up to 24 hrs of sustained release CBD
     Soothing effects for up to 6-8 hrs
     Fast-acting pain relief
     Promotes overall wellness
     Easy for on-the-go