CBD Isolate Usage


Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the hundreds of compounds found in the hemp plant that is believed to have medicinal properties. CBD produces a pain-relieving effect without the psychoactive component that makes a person feel high. Thousands of people across the globe are turning to CBD products to manage their conditions from epilepsy to sleeping disorders.

CBD isolate is created by using CO2, or other solvents such as ethanol, to extract the CBD oil from hemp plants. The CBD oil is then refined using proprietary methods which results in a 99% pure product that contains no THC.

Dosing and usage of CBD

The easiest way to manage your dosage of CBD is to mix the isolate you have obtained with edible cooking oil. The most popular oil for this purpose is coconut oil because it has a high medium-chain triglyceride content that makes absorbing all of the CBD much easier. Olive oil or peanut oil also work for this.

How to Make CBD Oil

* 250mg CBD isolate per 1 oz oil
* Coconut oil in liquid state

Creating this mixture is as simple as pouring your CBD