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Very little is known about CBT (cannabicitran) itself and its potential medicinal properties. This rare compound has sparked the curiosity of researchers, scientists, and consumer products companies, and the demand for this compound is rapidly increasing to meet the demand for bioactive cannabinoids even though its expression in hemp plant chemovars is very rare. It is speculated that this cannabinoid contributes to the entourage effect as well.  Our CBT Isolate is in distillate form and packaged in 1 gram glass syringes.

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There is very little known about this cannabinoid.  What we do know is that CBT is found in very low concentrations in cannabis or hemp cultivars.  However, we find CBT in much higher concentrations in extracts or distillates.

Chemically, CBT is classified as a diether, which means that it has the same chemical relationship with CBD as CBD has with THC. Since it has the special quality of being the last cannabinoid retained on the chromatography column that chemists use to identify compounds, chemists may be able to use CBT as a marker for the end of all the known cannabinoids identified from a sample.

Precious few research studies have been published on the health effects of CBT. One study, performed over 35 years ago by longtime cannabinoid researcher Mahmoud ElSohly, was promising: CBT was found to reduce pressure within the eyes in rabbits, making CBT a potential treatment for glaucoma and other conditions, but this was very early on in research and conclusive evidence is still being sought.

Our lab is conducting pioneering research into CBT to better understand the medical benefits associated with this molecule.  More on this exciting molecule in the future.  CBT is not scheduled as a controlled substance.

Ingredients: Cannabicitran Isolate (distillate form)

Packaged in 1 gram glass syringe.

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